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    110. Constantine Hardin4Hardeman (Constantine3, Thomas2, John1), was born 23 October 1811, Rutherford County, Tennessee, died 8 November 1847, Weakley County, Tennessee, intestate. The Administrator’s Bond for the estate of Constantine H. Hardiman, deceased, was recorded 3 January 1848 in Weakley County. Benjamin D. Hynds was appointed administrator for the estate of Constantine H. Hardiman, deceased, who died leaving no will.997 C. H. Hardeman’s estate was partly administered in Rutherford County, Tennessee.998 He married 9 June 1841, to Mary Aydelot.
    In Weakley County, Tennessee, an Auction Sale was advertised in the Tennessee Patriot: Withdrawing from business. All persons indebted to Hynds and Hardeman please come forward to settle, 11 September 1839. It was signed by C. H. Hardeman, Dresden, Tennessee.999
    C. H. Hardeman paid taxes in Weakley County, Tennessee, in 1842, in District 3 on 413 acres and 213 acres, and also on 5 acres valued at $200, and one poll. C. H. Hardeman paid taxes in Weakley County, in 1846, on 475 acres valued at $1000, 213 acres valued at $500, one slave valued at $400, one poll was taken. C. H. Hardeman paid taxes in Weakley County, in 1847, in District 14 on 478 acres valued at $950 and 213 acres valued at $425. S. L. Adelott paid taxes in Weakley County, in 1842, in District 7.
    Constant H. and Mary Hardeman’s daughter, Mary H. Hardeman, was reared by her Uncle Thomas Hardeman in Carroll County, Mississippi. Mary H. Hardeman lived with Thomas Hardeman in 1860.1000 [See #105, Thomas Hardeman].
    Child of Constantine Hardin Hardeman and Mary Aydelot:
+260. i. Mary Hardin Hardeman, born 20 October 1846, Weakley County, Tennessee, died 9 July 1907, Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi, married 3 June 1868, Carroll County, Mississippi, to Dr. Benjamin F. Ward.

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