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    113. Sarah Elizabeth4Hardeman (Constantine3, Thomas2, John1), was born 1 February 1817, Rutherford County, Tennessee, died 2 February 1895, Weakley County, Tennessee. She married 25 September 1837, Rutherford County, Tennessee, to Benjamin Davis Hynds,1035 born 3 July 1811, Cocke County, Tennessee, died 4 April 1883, Weakley County, Tennessee. He was the son of George H. Hynds, who moved from Virginia to Jefferson County, Tennessee, and later to Wilson County, Tennessee, and then to Weakley County, where he and his wife died.
    Benjamin D. Hynds moved to Weakley County, Tennessee, in 1837, and settled on land that was owned by his father-in-law, Constantine Hardeman. Hynds was in business with his brother-in-law, C. H. Hardeman.1036 Benjamin D. Hynds was administrator of the estate of Constantine H. Hardeman, deceased, in Weakley County, 3 January 1848.
    B. D. Hynds lived in Weakley County, Tennessee, in 1840,1037 1850,1038 1870,1039 and 1880.1040 Sarah Hynds, widow of B. D. Hynds, lived with her daughter, Mrs. James H. Sullivan, in the 18th District of

    1035 Whitley, Rutherford County, Tennessee, Marriages 1804-1872, p. 36. Benjamine D. Hynds to Sarah E. Hardeman, 25 September 1837. Surety: James M. Blanton.
    1036 Tennessee Patriot, Weakley County, Tennessee, 25 September 1839 issue: Auction Sale, withdrawing from business. All persons indebted to Hynds and Hardeman please come forward to settle, 11 September 1839.
    1037 1840 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, p. 301. B. D. Hynds.
    1038 1850 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, #117. Hines, B. D., age 37, male, $1,500, born Tenn.; Sarah, age 33, female; George, age 11, male; Constant, age 6, male; Robert, age 1, male; Angeline, age 8, female; Sarah Hines, age 3, female; M. M. Quawls, age 44, female, born Tenn.; T. Dent, age 23, male, born N.C.
    1039 1870 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, p. 270, #54/54, P.O. Dresden. Hynds, B. D., age 59, male, white, $4000/$1500; Sarah E., age 52, female, white; George W. L., male, white, age 30; Conse H., age 25, male, white; Parthenia, age 20, female, white; Sarah J., age 14, female, white; Susan Hynds, age 10, female, white; domestic servants; and Wm. E. Oliver, age 22, male, white, school teacher. All born in Tenn.
    1040 1880 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, S.D. 5, E.D. 178, Sheet 19. Benjamin D. Hynds, white, male, age 68, born Tenn. N.C. Va.; Sarah E. Hynds, age 63, wife, born Tenn. N.C. N.C.; Sousin Hynds, age 20, dau., born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.; Bettie O. Pate, age 40, boarder; Julia M. Pate, age 6, boarder; George W. Hendrix, age 34, nephew; Thomas Hendrix, age 3, nephew.