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Weakley County, circa 1887.1041
    B. D. Hynds made his will, 26 February 1879. It was recorded 7 June 1883 in Weakley County, Tennessee. B. D. Hynds do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me made at any time. I direct that all my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys or effects that may be ond hand at my death. I give all my property of every description to my wife Sarah E. Hynds to have and to hold during her lifetime. I do absolutely give to her for life to do with as she may think best. I nominate and appoint G. W. L. Hynds my executor, 26 February 1879. Test: F. P. Hynds, W. Elliott, Ben D. Hynds.
    Children of Benjamin Davis Hynds and Sarah Elizabeth Hardeman:
269. i. George Washington Lent Hynds, born 27 April 1839, Weakley County, Tennessee, died 1 August 1911, buried Quarles Cemetery, Weakley County, married 16 July 1870, Weakley County, to Lucetta Paralee Hatler, born 22 June 1843, died after 1920.
    George Hynds lived in Weakley County, in 1880,1042 1900,1043 and 1910.1044 George’s widow lived in Weakley County, in 1920.1045

    1041 Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1887. Dr. G. W. L. Hynds, born 1839, one of six children. His mother was born in 1817 and is now residing with her daughter, Mrs. James H. Sullivan, in the 18th District. G. W. L. Hynds married in 1870, Paralee Hattler, born in 1844.
    1042 1880 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, S.D. 5, E.D. 178, Sheet 19. Hynds, George W. L., white, male, age 44, physician; Lucetta? P., age 37, wife; Nannie L., age 7, dau.; Sallie L., age 6, dau.; James H., age 5, son; Daniel J., age 4, son; Alberta, age 9/12, dau.; Parthena C. Hynds, age 15, cousin; James H. Hatler, age 31, bro-in-law.
    1043 1900 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, E.D. 132, Sheet 14. Hynds, Gorge W., white, male, born April 1839, age 61, married 29 yrs.; Lucetta, wife, born June 1843, age 57, married 29 yrs., had had 11 children, 9 living; Nannie, dau., born July 1872, age 27; Jim, son, born Jan. 1875, age 25; Danniel, son, born Sept. 1877, age 22; Mattie, dau., born Dec. 1878, age 21; Bertha, dau., born Sept. 1879, age 20; Ben D., son, born Nov. 1885, age 16; Sudie, dau., born April 1887, age 13.
    1044 1910 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, E.D. 158, Sheet 3. Hynds, George W. L., male, white, age 70, mar1, married 39 yrs.; Lucetta P., wife, age 66, married 39 yrs., had had 11 children, 9 living; James H., son, age 35, single; Daniel J., son, age 33, single; Mintie, dau., age 32, single; Bertie, dau., age 30, single.
    1045 1920 U.S. Census, Weakley County, Tennessee, E.D. 155, Sheet 7. Hynds, L. P., female, white, age 76, widow; Albertie, dau., age 40, single.