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    131. Peter Hardeman4Burnett (Dorothy3Hardeman, Thomas2, John1), was born 15 November 1807, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee,1205 died 16 May 1895, San Francisco, California, buried in Santa Clara, California, Mission Cemetery. He married 20 August 1828, Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Harriet W. Rogers, born circa 1811, Wilson County, Tennessee, died 1879, San Francisco. She was the daughter of Peter Rogers, born circa 1787, Tennessee, died 2 April 1858, Platte County, Missouri.1206
    Peter Rogers lived in Wilson County, Tennessee, when his children were born. In 1827, Rogers moved from Wilson County, to Hardeman County, Tennessee. Peter Rogers moved from Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Clay County, Missouri, in 1830. Dr. John Rogers of Hardeman County, was a brother of Peter Rogers. Peter Rogers had a son, Hardin J. Rogers, who died in 1831 in Hardeman County, Tennessee, and two daughters, Harriet W. and Sarah M. Rogers, who married 6 January 1830 in Hardeman County, to Glen Owen Burnett, Peter Burnett’s brother. Harriet W. Rogers had an uncles, William Hardin, who lived in Hardeman County, Tennessee, and George M. Pirtle.1207
    John Marr Hardeman and his wife, Mary Hardeman, were at Peter Burnett’s wedding.1208
    In 1811, Peter moved with his parents, George and Dorothy Burnett, from Davidson County, to Williamson County, Tennessee, about four miles south of Franklin, on the main road to Columbia, Maury County. They lived about a mile from Peter’s grandfather, Thomas Hardeman.1209
    In 1817, Peter and his family moved from Williamson County, Tennessee, to Howard County, Missouri. His grandfather, Thomas Hardeman, had moved to Howard County, in 1816.

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