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    In 1822, Peter moved from Howard County, to Clay County, Missouri, with his parents, George and Dorothy Burnett. Peter lived with his sister and brother-in-law, William L. and Constantia Smith, in 1824, in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri.1210
    In the fall of 1826, when Peter H. Burnett was nineteen, his Uncle Constant Hardeman and wife came from their home in Rutherford County, Tennessee, to visit his sister, Dorothy Hardeman Burnett, in Clay County, Missouri. Peter H. Burnett went home with his Uncle Constant Hardeman to Rutherford County, Tennessee.1211
    Peter Burnett spent a few weeks with his uncle Constant Hardeman and other relatives near him and then visited his Uncle Blackstone Hardeman in Maury County, Tennessee. In November of 1826, Peter Burnett moved with Blackstone Hardeman and his family to Hardeman County, Tennessee. Blackstone Hardeman settled about seven miles from Bolivar. Peter’s Uncle Blackstone Hardeman got him a job as clerk in the hotel in Bolivar owned by an old man, Duguid Mims. The hotel was a large frame building unfinished on the inside. While working in the hotel in Bolivar, Peter saw Samuel Houston, David Crockett, Adam Huntsman, Newton Cannon, Andrew Martin, and others.1212
    Peter Burnett was clerk in the storehouse of Parson Peck on Clear Creek in Hardeman County, Tennessee, in 1827-1828. In 1830, Peter’s brother, Glen Owen Burnett, came to Hardeman County and married 6 January 1830, to Sarah M. Rogers, the other daughter of Peter Rogers.1213
    In 1830, Peter Burnett’s wife, Harriet W. and his son Dwight, moved with Peter’s brother, Glen Owen Burnett, to Clay County, Missouri. Peter stayed behind in Hardeman County, Tennessee, to wind up his business affairs there. Peter Burnett sent to Nashville, by his cousin John Marr Hardeman, to purchase a small library of law books.1214 Peter Burnett moved from Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Clay County, Missouri, in March of 1832.

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