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    In 1843 Peter H. Burnett moved to Oregon. On 8 May 1843, Peter Burnett left Platte County, Missouri, with a wagon train which included 120 wagons and 1,000 people. Burnett was the leader of the wagon train. The 1,692 mile trip took 147 days. They averaged eleven and a half miles a day. Burnett settled on a farm near the mouth of Willamette River, later near the present site of Hillsboro, Oregon.1215
    He served on the Oregon legislative committee in 1844, was elected judge of the supreme court in 1845, and was elected to the Oregon legislature in 1845. In 1848, Peter led a company to the California gold fields. In August of 1849, Peter was appointed judge of the superior court of California. Peter Burnett was elected governor of California in November 1849, and served until January 1851. In 1851 Peter Burnett formed the law firm, Burnett, Wallace, and Ryland, with his sons-in-law. Peter was founder and president of Pacific Bank in San Francisco, California.1216
    Peter H. Burnett lived in Clay County, Missouri, in 1840.1217 He lived in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, in 1860;1218 and in San Francisco, California, in 18701219 and 1880.1220

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