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County, Texas, in 1870,1293 and in Bell County, Texas, in 1880.1294 Emma S. Roberts lived in Killeen, Bell County, Texas, in 1900.1295 She lived in Hereford, Deaf Smith County, Texas, in 1910, with her daughter and son-in-law, Charles S. and Reba C. Purcell.1296
    Children of William Polk Hardeman and Sarah Ann Hamilton:
342. iii. Thomas Johnston Hardeman, born 25 December 1858, Guadalupe County, Texas, died 15 February 1939, Minden, Webster Parish, Louisiana, married 5 April 1885, Lampasas County, Texas, to Finnie Lyman, born 2 November 1865, died between 1910 and 1920. They lived in Smithville, Bastrop County, Texas, in 1900,1297 and in Minden, Webster Parish, Louisiana, in 19101298 and 1920.1299 Tom was a surveyor and civil engineer for the railroad.

    1293 1870 U.S. Census, Guadalupe County, Texas, p. 425, #103/107, P.O. Seguin. Crawford Roberts, age 30, white, born Tenn.; Emma Roberts, age 22, born Texas; and W. P. Hardeman, age 54, and family. [See note 1283].
    1294 1880 U.S. Census, Bell County, Texas, S.D. 4, E.D. 7, Sheet 23. Roberts, J. C., white, male, age 45, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.; Emma S., age 32, wife, born Texas Tenn. Tenn.; Maximilian, age 9, son, born Texas Tenn. Texas; William P., age 8, son; Mary L., age 5, dau.; Robert, age 4, son; Hardiman, age 2, son.
    1295 1900 U.S. Census, Bell County, Texas, S.D. 10, E.D. 33, Sheet 2, Killeen. Roberts, Emma S., white, female, born May 1848, age 52, widow, had had 6 children, 4 living, born Texas Tenn. Tenn.; Rebecca, dau., born Sept. 1885, age 14.
    1296 1910 U.S. Census, Deaf Smith County, Texas, S.D. 13, E.D. 75, Sheet 4B, Hereford. Charles S. Purcell, male, white, age 26, mar1; Reba C. Purcell, wife, age 24, mar1; Emma S. Roberts, mother-in-law, age 60, widow; Hardy Roberts, brother-in-law, age 32, single.
    1297 1900 U.S. Census, Bastrop County, Texas, S.D. 10, E.D. 4, Sheet 26, Smithville. Hardeman, Thomas J., white, male, born Dec. 1858, age 41, married 15 yrs., surveyor, born Texas Tenn. Ga.; Finnie, wife, born Nov. 1865, age 34, had had 5 children, 5 living, born Texas Pa. Ga.; Linch L., son, born Dec. 1885, age 14, born Texas Texas Texas; John H., son, born July 1888, age 11; Thos. J., Jr., son, born April 1892, age 8; A. B., son, born Dec. 1894, age 5; Harry H., son, born Aug. 1896, age 3.
    1298 1910 U.S. Census, Webster Parish, Louisiana, E.D. 120, Sheet 25. Hardeman, Thomas J., male, white, age 51, married1, married 25 yrs., civil engineer railroad, born Texas Texas Texas; Finnie L., wife, age 43, had had 6 children, 6 living, born Texas Pa. Va.; Thomas J., Jr., son, age 19, born Texas Texas Texas; Archibald B., son, age 16; Harry H., son, age 14; William P., son, age 3, born La. Texas Texas.
    1299 1920 U.S. Census, Webster Parish, Louisiana, S.D. 123, E.D. 134, Sheet 13B, Minden. Head of household: Jackaline Taylor, age 80, widow. Roomers: Hardaman, Tom J., male, white, age 61, widow, born Texas Tenn. Ga.; Tom, Jr., son, age 27, single, born Texas Tenn. Ga.; A. Bryce, son, age 25, single; Harry H., son, age 23, married; William P., son, age 13, born La.