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Carrie R. Baylor lived in San Antonio, in 1930.1328
    Walker K. Baylor’s sister, Anna Louise Baylor, married William Fawcett Hardeman, Carrie Hardeman’s first cousin. [See #336, William Fawcett Hardeman].
348. ii. Mary Ophelia Hardeman, born circa 1852, Caldwell County, Texas, died 7 July 1873, Caldwell County. Died on Monday, 7th instant, on the San Marcos River, three miles below Prairie Lea, Miss Ophelia, daughter of Mr. Owen B. Hardeman, and Miss Stiles were drowned while bathing.1329
349. iii. Elizabeth McNeal “Lillie” Hardeman, born 6 March 1853, Caldwell County, Texas, died 5 October 1946, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, married 21 April 1875, Caldwell County, to James S. Steele,1330 born May 1850, died between 1920 and 1930, Dallas, Texas. They lived in Caldwell County, in 1880, next door to her parents,1331 and in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, in 1900,1332 1910,1333 and 1920.1334 Lillie Steele lived in Dallas, in 1930.1335
350. iv. Walker Berry Hardeman, born 19 May 1857, Prairie Lea, Caldwell County, Texas, died 24 June 1937, married 13 January 1895, Caldwell County, to Mrs. Margaret Loujania Edwards1336

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    1332 See note 1320
    1333 See note 1321
    1334 1920 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 5, E.D. 53, Sheet 2B, Dallas. Steele, James, white, male, age 68, married; Lillie, wife, age 65, married; Clair, dau., age 35, single.
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