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    146. Mary4Hardeman (Blackstone3, Thomas2, John1), was born 12 February 1812, Maury County, Tennessee,1368 died 19 September 1857,1369 Italy, Ellis County, Texas.1370 She married, 13 May 1828, in Hardeman County, Tennessee, to her first cousin, John Marr Hardeman,1371 born 2 February 1804, Rutherford County, Tennessee,1372 died 15 October 1891, Italy,1373 Ellis County, Texas,1374 son of Constantine Hardeman and Sarah J. “Sally” Marr. [See #106, John Marr Hardeman for children and documentation].
    147. Benjamin Franklin4Hardeman (Blackstone3, Thomas2, John1), was born 18 January 1816, Maury County, Tennessee,1375 died 14 September 1858, Center Point, Henderson County, Tennessee. He married 7 January 1836, Giles County, Tennessee, to Eleanor “Ellen” Sanders, born 7 July 1815, Giles County, died 7 October 1908, Center Point, Tennessee.
    Benjamin lived in Giles County, Tennessee, in 1850. His widow, Ellen Hardeman, and her children lived at Center Point, Henderson County, Tennessee, in 1860.1376 Elender “Ellen” Hardeman and her son, Robert

    1368 Mary’s father, Blackstone Hardeman, lived on Globe Creek of Duck River in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1813.
    1369 Texas Christian Advocate, 15 October 1857 issue: obituary of Mrs. Mary Hardiman.
    1370 Tombstone, Hardeman Cemetery, 1.5 miles north of Italy, Texas.
    1371 Hardeman County, Tennessee, original marriage license: John M. Hardeman to Mary Hardeman, 13 May 1828. And, National Banner-Nashville Whig, 31 May 1828 issue: Mary, daughter of Blackstone Hardeman, married John Hardeman, May 15.
    1372 John M. Hardeman’s father, Constant Hardeman, lived in Rutherford County, in 1804. See Rutherford County, Tennessee, Deed Book A, p. 12 and 26.
    1373 Tombstone, Hardeman Cemetery, 1.5 miles north of Italy, Texas.
    1374 Ellis County, Texas, Will Book A, p. 410-414. Will and Codicil of John M. Hardeman.
    1375 Benjamin’s father, Blackstone Hardeman, bought items from the estate of Charles Powell in Maury County, in 1818.
    1376 1860 U.S. Census, Henderson County, Tennessee, p. 281, #1235/1290. Hardiman, Ellen, age 45, female, $1000/$6000; Cornelius, age 21, male; B. J., age 19, male; Jasper, age 17, male; N. J., age 17, male; Alonzo, age 15, male; E. A., age 10, female; R., age 7, male; William, age 4, male; E. F., age 2, female. All born Tenn.