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    153. Peter4Hardeman (Blackstone3, Thomas2, John1), was born 28 May 1831, on Stewart’s Creek, near Smyrna, Rutherford County, Tennessee, died 18 May 1882,1493 at Cillo, near Santa Barbara (Americana), Sao Paulo state, Brazil. He married 18 September 1850, Caldwell County, Texas, to Nancy Caroline Keese,1494 born 1832, died Brazil.
    Peter Hardeman lived with his father, Blackstone Hardeman, in Guadalupe County, Texas, in 1850.1495 He was Blackstone’s youngest child. Peter lived in Gilleland’s Creek, Travis County, Texas, in 1860.1496
    1 March 1869, Colorado County, Texas: P. Hardeman and John B. Hardeman of county aforesaid, for $10,00, sold to Mrs. Martha Perry of Guadalupe County, Texas, all our right, title, and interest in tract in Guadalupe County, on the west side of the San Marcos River, known as the homestead of Blackstone Hardeman, deceased. /s/ P. Hardeman, J. B. Hardeman. Delivered to J. M. Glasgow, 20 November 1871.
    On 1 March 1869 in Travis County, Texas, William N. Hardeman, administrator of the estate of Blackstone Hardeman, deceased, for $10, sold to Peter Hardeman of Colorado County, Texas, a tract in the San Patricio Land District granted to Blackstone Hardeman, deceased, on 30 June 1848, 3451 acres less 595 acres sold to W. S. Oldham, and less 1259 acres, 1597 acres. Endorsed for $10.00, 23 March 1869 by P. Hardeman to John B. Hardeman of Colorado County, Texas. On 22 August 1869 in Nueces County, Texas, John B. Hardeman of Colorado County, Texas, for $1,050, sold to Lewis G. Brown of Nueces County, a tract in Duval County, Texas, in the San Patricio Land District granted to Blackstone Hardeman, deceased, by the State of Texas, 30 June 1848. On 20 July 1870 in Colorado County, Texas, power of attorney by Peter Hardeman residing in the Empire of Brazil in South America, to my true and lawful attorney in fact J. B. Hardeman of Colorado County, Texas,

    1493 Texas Christian Advocate, 2 September 1882, obituary of Peter Hardeman.
    1494 Caldwell County, Texas, Marriage Book A, p. 20. Peter Hardeman to Nancy Caroline Keese, 18 September 1850.
    1495 1850 U.S. Census, Guadalupe County, Texas, p. 287. Blackstone Hardeman, age 60, born Tenn.; Elizabeth Hardiman, age 55, born Tenn.; Peter Hardiman, age 19, born Tenn.; Francis Sherer, age 43, born France.
    1496 1860 U.S. Census, Travis County, Texas, p. 260, Pct. 5, #322/322. Hardiman, Peter, age 29, male, farmer, $2500/$500, born Tenn.; N. C., age 28, female, “wife”, born Tenn.; L. B., age 8, male, born Texas; T., age 6, male, born Texas; C. B., age 4, female, born Texas; B., age 4/12, female, born Texas.