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    When they said “sign the oath” Peter Hardeman went to Brazil instead. They never gave up being Americans. They have a community group called the Fraternidade Descendencia Americana, where they get together and have fried chicken.1498
    Children of Peter Hardeman and Nancy Caroline Keese:
409. i. L. B. Hardeman, male, born circa 1852, Guadalupe County, Texas, died Brazil.
410. ii. Constantine Hardeman, born 9 January 1854, Texas, died 1928, Brazil, married 1 September 1887, to Katie Keese, born 4 October 1862, died 14 April 1906.
411. iii. Clara B. Hardeman, female, born circa 1856, Texas, died Brazil.
412. iv. B. Hardeman, female, born circa 1860, Travis County, Texas, died Brazil.
413. v. George Hardeman, born 13 August 1870, Brazil, died 1 May 1941, married Maria “Dina” Bowden, born 16 January 1874, died 31 May 1931.

    1498 The Sunday Tennessean, 29 October 1986, Volume I, No. 44. by Ann Moss Betts. The Hardemans. “Why They Put Dixie in Brazil.” Interview with Fred Brigance who visited the Hardeman relatives in Brazil in 1985.