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    Major William D. Hardeman, formerly of Williamson County, Tennessee, and a commission merchant in New Orleans, had become dissatisfied with his business partner, James S. Prestidge, quarreled with him. Hardeman struck Prestidge, who retaliated in the business office of the firm, by shooting and mortally wounding his partner, March 4, 1876. Hardeman was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1834, a son of Thomas Hardeman, a long-time county court clerk of that county. His second wife, Annie May, widow of Henry Edwing, and his son, Thomas Hardeman, in Nashville at the time of his altercation, went to New Orleans immediately.1530 Hardeman would be buried in Nashville.1531 A sworn statement made by Hardeman before he died included his birth date, 5 November 1833. He was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee.1532
    Child of William D. Hardeman and Louisa E. Cunningham:
425. i. Thomas Hardeman, born circa 1858, Williamson County, Tennessee. Thomas lived with his grandmother, Bethenia Figures, in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1860.1533 Thomas lived in St. Louis in 1880. He was counted twice in the 1880 census, once with his aunt and uncle, Charles and Sallie Hardeman Defrance,1534 and also in the household of Nake Dietrich, a neighbor of the Defrance family.1535

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