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    Samuel L. Graham founded and owned Graham Milling Company in Pinewood, Tennessee. In 1851 the cotton mill had 1,200 spindles. In 1870 he had $328,000 in personal property and $228,000 in real property. Graham built the town of Pinewood. His Pinewood Plantation included 6,000 acres.
    Samuel L. Graham made his will, 23 July 1888, with a codicil, 27 May 1891. He died 8 January 1892. John M. Graham, a child of Samuel’s first marriage, challenged his will. The case went before the Chancery Court of Hickman County, and was then appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court in Nashville: Meacham vs. Graham, 10 February 1897. H. Parks for John M. Graham, and Figuers & Padgett & G. T. Hughes for T. H. and H. H. Graham. S. L. Graham owned an estate with an estimated value of $500,000. He left surviving him a widow, Martha J. Graham, and a son by a former marriage, John M. Graham, and a son and daughter, Harry H. and Thomasella H., by his second marriage. Harry H. and Thomasella H. were minors at the date of the will, but both had attained the age of 21 before it took effect. The will and codicil were probated in Hickman County, 1st Monday in February 1892. /s/ J. M. Meacham, executor.1543
    The testator, Samuel L. Graham, devised property to his three children: John M. Graham, $158,000; Harry H. Graham, $93,000; and Thomasella H. Graham, $85,000. These amounts were given absolutely. Item 5 of the will and Item 2 of the codicil said that the above property was given to Thomasella and as to this property there is no controversy. Item 6 of the will is, “I bequeath and devise to my son Harry Hardeman Graham, and to my daughter, Thomasella Graham, an equal portion of my entire estate with my son John M. Graham. Each child is to have an equal share.” Items 7 and 8, when my son Harry H. arrives at 21. Item 9, to my daughter, Thomasella Hardeman Graham, Wayside and Redleaf and part of Mosswood plantations in all 3,000 acres in Mississippi. Thomasella was 21 before the filing of the case and is still alive and unmarried.1544

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