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    228. Constant Lent5Hardeman (Thomas4, Constantine3, Thomas2, John1), was born 7 November 1839, Mississippi, died 5 February 1904, New Orleans. He married first, 26 May 1861, Carroll County, Mississippi, to Eliza Williamson, died 17 October 1862. He married second, 29 October 1877, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, to his second cousin, Amelia Agatha Marr,1578 born 20 June 1854, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, died 19 January 1902, New Orleans.
    Amelia Agatha Marr was the daughter of Robert Hardin Marr, born circa 1820, Tennessee, died 18 April 1892, New Orleans, and Mary Eliza Jane Marr,1579 born 9 September 1828, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, died 2 February 1885, New Orleans.1580 Robert H. Marr married Mary Eliza Jane Marr, 7 February 1850, in New Orleans.1581 Other children of Robert H. Marr and Mary Eliza Jane Marr were Annie Bethiah Marr,1582 Virginia Marr,1583 and Robert Hardin Marr.1584
    Robert Hardin Marr lived in New Orleans in 18601585 and 1880.1586 He was a justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1877 to 1880, and a delegate from New Orleans to the Democratic National Convention in 1876. The 1891 New Orleans City Directory includes: Robert H. Marr,

    1578 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Marriage Book 6, p. 424. C. L. Hardeman, age 35, married A. A. Marr, age 22, married 29 October 1877.
    1579 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Birth Records: Amelia Agatha Marr, white, female, dau. of Robert Hardin Marr and Mary Eliza Jane, born 20 June 1854.
    1580 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Death Records: Mary Eliza Jane Marr, female, white, died 2 Feb. 1885, aged 56.
    1581 Daily Picayune, New Orleans, 13 February 1850 issue.
    1582 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Birth Records: Annie Bithiah Marr, white, female, dau. of Robert Hardin Marr and Mary Elysa Jane Marr, born 31 March 1851.
    1583 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Birth Records: Virginia Marr, dau. of Robert H. Marr and Amelia Agatha Marr, born 8 May 1859.
    1584 Orleans Parish, Louisiana, Birth Records: Robert Harding Marr, son of Robert H. and Amelia Agatha Marr, born 13 June 1860.
    1585 1860 U.S. Census, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, New Orleans, Ward 1, p. 171, #1075/ 1423. Marr, Robt. H., age 40, lawyer, $4000, born Tenn.; Mary E. J., age 33, born Ala.; Amelia, age 6, born La.; Virginia, age 2, born La.; Robt. H. Marr, age 3/12, born La.; Ellen Garvin, age 15, nurse.
    1586 1880 U.S. Census, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Marr, Robt. H., white, male, age 60; Mary, age 46, wife; Virginia, age 20, dau.; Robt. H., age 18, son; Mary, age 16, dau.; Robt. H. Marr, white, male, age 12, nephew; Chs. Julien, black, male, age 14, servant; Lucy Thomas, black, female, age 38, servant.