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    James’s children lived with their grandmother, Elizabeth Gomillion, in Caldwell County, Texas, in 1900.1616 Tine, Annie, and John lived with James in Garvin County, Oklahoma, in 1910. Myrtle E. Hardeman married in Garvin County, in 1904.1617 Stella Hardeman married in Garvin County, in 1906.1618 Evie Hardeman married in Chickasaw County, in 1906.1619 Annie Hardeman married in Garvin County, in 1914.1620
    James lived in Garvin County, Oklahoma, in 19101621 and 1920.1622 His sons, Tine Henry Hardeman and John Howell Hardeman, died in California.1623

    1616 1900 U.S. Census, Caldwell County, Texas, S.D. 12, E.D. 124, Sheet 4. Elizabeth Gomillion, white, female, born Feb. 1845, age 55, widow, born Miss. N.C. N.C.; Frank A. Gomillion, son, born April 1881, age 19, born Texas Miss. Miss.; Myrtie Hardeman, gdau., born Sept. 1888, age 11, born Texas Texas Texas; Tine Hardiman, gson, born March 1891, age 9; Stella Hardiman, gdau., born June 1882 [1893], age 7; Eva Hardiman, gdau., born May 1884 [1894], age 6; Annie Hardiman, gdau., born June 1897, age 2; John Hardiman, gson, born June 1899, age 4/12.
    1617 Garvin County, Oklahoma, marriages: S. M. White, age 23, to Myrtle E. Hardeman, age 17, 10 April 1904.
    1618 Garvin County, Oklahoma, marriages: James Golden, age 22, to Stella B. Hardeman, age 15, 23 Dec. 1906. Jim and Stella Golden and her brother, John Hardeman, lived together in Garvin County, in 1920.
    1619 Chickasaw County, Oklahoma, marriages: Boss Sims, age 21, to Evie Hardeman, age 16, 14 Feb. 1906.
    1620 Garvin County, Oklahoma, marriages: Brice Sprowles, age 25, to Annie Hardeman, age 18, 12 September 1914.
    1621 1910 U.S. Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, E.D. 78, Sheet 11B, Mayesville Twp. Hardeman, James, male, white, age 50, mar2, married 7 yrs., born Texas Miss. Miss.; Lola, wife, age 36, mar2, married 7 yrs., had had 0 children, born Texas Ala. Ala.; Tine, son, age 20, born Texas Texas Miss.; Annie, dau., age 12, born Texas Texas Miss.; John, son, age 10, born Texas Texas Miss.
    1622 1920 U.S. Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, S.D. 5, E.D. 30, Sheet 12A, Whitebead. Hardeman, James H., male, white, age 54, born Texas Texas N.C.; Verna, wife, age 32, born Ark. Ky. Ky.; Beatrice, dau., age 13?, born Okla. Texas Ark.; Gussie? L., dau., age 12; Rubye C., dau., age 11; Florean? Hardeman, son, age 8; Litt P. Patton, father-in-law, age 68, widow, born Ky. Ky. Ky.
    1623 California Death Records. Tine Henry Hardeman, born 16 March 1890, Texas, died 9 Oct. 1954, Tulare County, aged 64 yrs., mother’s maiden name, Gomillion. John Howell Hardeman, born 14 June 1899, Okla., died 26 Oct. 1994, San Bernadino County, aged 95 yrs., mother’s maiden name, Gomilion.