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    They settled one mile east of Valley View where they bought a 200 acre farm that Joe named Crescent Farm. On the property was a fine two-and-a-half story white framed Victorian house. In later years Joe Martin was vice-president of the First Guaranty State Bank of Valley View, a member of the Masonic Lodge, and a successful farmer. He was in much demand as a fiddle player at dances in the county.
    Joseph E. Martin and his family lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1880;1818 Hill County, Texas, in 1900;1819 Cooke County, Texas, in 19101820 and 1920. Mrs. Joe E. Martin was head of the family in 1930 in Cooke County.1821
    Children of Joseph E. Martin and Mary Hardeman Sims:1822
+534. i. William Madison Martin, born 20 October 1878, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 27 December 1952, Venus, Johnson County, Texas, married 19 September 1903, Bynum, Hill County, Texas, to Amanda Bourland.1823
+535. ii. Henry Dabney Martin, born 13 August 1880, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 3 February 1951, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas, married 5 August 1917, Cooke County, to Mrs. Nora Bell Johns Nowell.

    1818 1880 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, E.D. 50, Sheet 50, Pct. 4. Martin, Joseph E., age 27, born Mo. Mo. Mo.; Mary H., age 18, born Texas Tenn. Texas; William, age 1.
    1819 1900 U.S. Census, Hill County, Texas, E.D. 43, Sheet 10. Martin, Joe E., age 46, born June 1853, born Mo. Mo. Mo.; Mary H., wife, age 38, born Nov. 1861, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Henry D., son, age 19, born Aug. 1880, born Texas Mo. Texas; Paul, son, age 17, born Dec. 1882; Pearl, dau., age 15, born Oct. 1884; Joe A., son, age 13, born Nov. 1886; Lyle W., son, age 10, born June 1889; Roger Q., son, age 8, born Sept. 1891; Fred M., son, age 6, born Sept. 1893; Dave S., son, age 3, born Sept. 1896.
    1820 1910 U.S. Census, Cooke County, Texas, S.D. 13, E.D. 62, Sheet 3. Martin, Joseph E., age 56, mar1, married 32 yrs., born Mo. Mo. Mo.; Mary H., wife, age 48, mar1, married 32 yrs., had had 12 children, 11 living, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Pearl S., dau., age 24; Joseph A., son, age 22; Liles W., son, age 20; Roger S., son, age 18; Fred M., son, age 15; David S., son, age 13; Jack B., son, age 8; Bert A., son, age 3.
    1821 1930 U.S. Census, Cooke County, Texas, S.D. 4, E.D. 49-20, Sheet 1B. Martin, Mrs. Joseph E., age 69, widow, married at 16; Jack B., son, age 28, married at 27; Evalyn, dau.-in-law, age 26, married at 25; Bert A., son, age 23, single.
    1822 Bible of Joseph E. and Mary H. Sims Martin
    1823 Bible of Joseph E. and Mary H. Sims Martin. W. M. Martin married Minnie Bourland, Sept. 19 /03