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    477. Maude6Snow (Rebecca5Hardeman, John Marr4, Constantine3, Thomas2, John1), was born February 1876, Ellis County, Texas, died after 1930, Ellis County. She married circa 1891, Oliver P. Briles, born February 1869, died before 1930, Ellis County.
    The Briles lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1900;1834 Grayson County, Texas, in 1910, next door to her brother, Monroe Snow;1835 and Ellis County, Texas, in 1920.1836 Maude was head of the family in 1930 in Ellis County; her brother, Wyatt E. Snow, lived with her.1837
    Children of Oliver P. Briles and Maude Snow:
547. i. George Briles, born October 1892, Ellis County, Texas
548. ii. Mary Briles, born October 1895, Ellis County, Texas
549. iii. Minnie Briles, born October 1897, Ellis County, Texas
550. iv. J. Otis Briles, born circa 1901, Ellis County, Texas, married circa 1922, Bertha ——, born circa 1902. They lived in Milford, Ellis County, in 1930.1838
551. v. Pearl Briles, born circa 1907

    1834 1900 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 33, Sheet 3. Briles, Oliver P., head, born Feb. 1869, age 31, married 9 yrs., born N.C. N.C. N.C.; Maudie, wife, born Feb. 1876, age 24, married 9 yrs., had had 5 children, 3 living, born Texas Texas Texas; George, son, born Oct. 1892, age 7, born Texas N.C. Texas; Mary, dau., born Oct. 1895, age 4; Minnie, dau., born Oct. 1897, age 2. All white.
    1835 1910 U.S. Census, Grayson County, Texas, S.D. 4, E.D. 77, Sheet 10A. Briles, Oliver P., male, white, age 41, married1, married 18 yrs., car repairer railroad, born N.C. U.S. N.C.; Maude, wife, age 33, married1, married 18 yrs., had had 8 children, 5 living, born Texas Tenn. Texas; George, son, age 17; Mary, dau., age 14; Minnie, dau., age 12; Otis, son, age 9; Pearl, dau., age 3.
    1836 1920 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 5, E.D. 140, Sheet 5A. Briles, Oliver P., male, white, age 50, married, born N.C. N.C. N.C.; Maud, wife, age 43, married, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Pearl, dau., age 13, born Texas N.C. Texas; Llnora, dau., age 8; Walter, son, age 6.
    1837 1930 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 16, E.D. 70-32, Milford, Milford-Itasca Road. Maud L. Briles, head, female, white, age 54, widow, married at 16, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Elnora Briles, dau., age 18, born Texas Texas Texas; Walter E. Briles, son, age 16; Wyatt E. Snow, brother, male, white, age 51, divorced, married at 21, born Texas Tenn. Texas.
    1838 1930 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 16, E.D. 70-32, Milford, Milford-Itasca Road. Briles, J. Otis, male, white, age 29, married at 21, born Texas N.C. Texas; Bertha, wife, age 28, married at 20, born Ala. Ala. Ala.; Otis, Jr., son, age 6, born Texas Texas Ala.; Nina R., dau., age 4 3/12; Robert H., son, age 9/12.