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    535. Henry Dabney7Martin (Mary Hardeman6Sims, Rebecca5 Hardeman, John Marr4, Constantine3, Thomas2, John1), was born 13 August 1880, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 3 February 1951, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas. He married 5 August 1917, Cooke County, to Mrs. Nora Bell Johns Nowell, born 15 November 1888. Nora had a daughter, Irene Nowell, from a previous marriage. Henry and Nora are buried in Valley View Cemtery, Valley View, Cooke County.
    Child of Henry Dabney Martin and Nora Bell Johns Nowell:
594. i. Henry Dale Martin, born 6 July 1918, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas, died 20 January 1956, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, married 20 June 1943, Tonkawa, Oklahoma, to Ella Lo Dema Taylor, born 9 August 1920, Tonkawa, Oklahoma. Dale is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Wewoka, Oklahoma. He served in World War II; he graduated from Oklahoma A & M, now Oklahoma State University. Dale was county agent for Seminole County, Oklahoma.