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    Wilderness Calling states in several places that Julia Ann Bacon came to Texas in 1835 with the Hardemans. She did not. Julia Ann Bacon was born 25 January 1786. She was not a daughter of Thomas Hardeman. Thomas Hardeman’s daughter, Dorothy Hardeman, was born 15 May 1786. Dorothy married George Burnett.
    In 1986, Francis W. Wilson, M.D. published The Hardeman Impact on Early Texas History.7 Dr. Wilson’s book includes good research on the Hardemans who went to Texas, but he repeated errors made in the two earlier books.
    Descendants of Nicholas Perkins of Virginia, Wilderness Calling, and The Hardeman Impact on Early Texas History include much good and useful information about our family, but they also include errors of fact.
    Thomas Hardeman and Mary Hardin Perkins had fourteen children: Nicholas Perkins, Nancy Ann, John, Constantine, Eleazar, Susannah, Peter, Dorothy, Thomas Jones, Blackstone, Elizabeth, Pitt, Bailey, and Franklin.8

    7 Francis W. Wilson, M.D., The Hardeman Impact on Early Texas History, 1986 [Luling, Texas].
    8 Thomas Hardeman bible, no publication date, hand copied record of names and birth dates. There is no provenance for this record, but the majority of Thomas’s children and their birth dates can be proved from other sources which are cited in this manuscript. Thomas Hardeman’s grandson, Peter Hardeman Burnett, named his eleven children who reached adulthood in Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, in 1880.