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    12. James2Mapp (1. Littleton1), was born 15 September 1787, died 14 June 1849,121 Greene County, Georgia.122 He married first, 30 October 1817, Hancock County, Georgia, to Clary Wooten,123 born circa 1798, died circa 1832, daughter of James Wooten.124 He married second, circa 1832, Greene County, to Mary “Polly” Wright,125 born 29 March 1805,126 died 10 June 1879, Greene County,127 daughter of Zebulon Wright.128 On 7 January 1833, Hancock County, James Mapp was appointed guardian of his infant children.129 James Mapp lived in Hancock County, in 1820,130 in Taliaferro County, in 1830,131 and in Greene County, in 1840.132

    121 1850 Georgia Mortality Schedule, Greene Co.: James Mapp, aged 63, born Ga., died in June, married.
    122 Greene Co., 15 Sept. 1849, Mary Mapp, admr. of estate of James Mapp, decd. Securities: Willis Wright, Samuel Wright, Greene Moore. Tad Evans, Greene Co. Newspaper Clippings, Vol. 1852–1873, 21 Feb. 1852, Mary Mapp, Greene Moore, & W. L. Mapp, admrs. of James Mapp, decd., property in Taliaferro Co., Ga. Hancock Co. Ordinary Minutes 1852–1859, p. 12. Greene Moore guardian of Henry S. Mapp, John F. Mapp, & James H. Mapp, orphans of James Mapp.
    123 Marriage performed by B. Parrott, J.P.
    124 Hancock Co., Ga., Misc. Records Book N, p. 76. 1831. Will of James Wooten named son James Wooten, son-in-law, James Mapp and dau. Clary. Hancock Co. Ordinary Minutes 1817–1837, p. 691. 14 May 1831, Letters of Admr. with will annexed of James Wooten, decd. granted to Jesse Wooten & Benjamin Parrott. Bond $16,000. The estate was still open in 1839.
    125 There is a Greene Co., Ga., marriage for James Mapp to Mary Wright, 25 Nov. 1800, performed by John W. Harris, abstracted in several publications. This 1800 marriage record can’t now be found. James Mapp, born in 1787, was the only James Mapp in Georgia in 1800. He was only thirteen years old in 1800.
    126 John Wright Boyd, A Family History, Wright–Lewis–Moore & Connected Families, Early Settlers of Greene Co., Ga., p. 497-499. Zebulon Wright Bible record.
    127 Greene Co., Court Records 1874–1879, p. 438. James H. Mapp says Mary Mapp d. 10 June 1879. (Research by Elsie Warner). Mary Mapp buried in Mapp Cemetery near White Plains, Greene Co., Ga.
    128 A Family History, Wright–Lewis–Moore & Connected Families, Early Settlers of Greene Co., Ga., p. 93-94. Greene Co., Ga., Will Book F, p. 236. Will of Zebulon Wright, made 5 Nov. 1839, rec. 8 Jan. 1840, names dau. Mary Mapp.
    129 Hancock Co. Court of Ordinary 1817–1837, p. 730. James Mapp appointed guardian of his infant children: William L., Mary Ann Elizabeth, Asenath Wooten, Jeremiah J., and James W. Mapp. Bond $4000.
    130 1820 U.S. Census, Hancock Co., Ga. James Mapp. males: 1 26/45; females: 1 und. 10, 1 26/45.
    131 1830 U.S. Census, Taliaferro Co., Ga., p. 369. James Mapp.
    132 1840 U.S. Census, Greene Co., Ga. James Mapp. males: 2 und. 5; 1 10/15; 1 15/20; 1 50/60; females: 1 5/10; 1 15/20; 1 30/40.