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369. iv. Edward Birch Meadows, born 16 January 1896, Coweta County, died 11 November 1971, Coolidge, Thomas County, Georgia. He married in Jan. 1933, Dewey Ethel Kennedy. She had been married twice before. Her second husband was John Holloman. Edward B. Meadows moved to Plant City, Florida, in 1939. He is buried in Big Creek Church Cemetery near Coolidge.548
370. v. Mary Irma Meadows, born October 1897, married John Mitch Smith, died circa 1955. They lived on North Main St., Moultrie, Georgia.
    Children of Isaac Hinton Meadows and Dellar Ann Harrell:
371. vi. Hoke Smith Meadows, born 1912.549 He lived in Ashburn, Turner County, Georgia, in 1980.

    548 Douglas Meadows, Grabill, Indiana, 11 Sept. 1980, to Michal Farmer.
    549 Hoke S. Meadows, P. O. Box 611, 310 Hanley Ave., E., Ashburn, Ga. 31714, to Michal Farmer, 1980.