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    Edmund Daniel lived in Taliaferro County, Georgia, in 1827.613 He lived in Heard County, in 1840, 1850,614 and 1860.615 Edmund and Julia Daniel had ten children.616
    Simeon and Tempe moved from Chambers County, Alabama, to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, in 1887. They first lived in Antioch, and then Haynesville. Simeon was a school teacher. He taught in Georgia, Lafayette, Alabama, and in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He was principal of the high school in Haynesville. Simeon moved to Shreveport to live with his daughters in 1919.
    Simeon’s childhood in Heard County, was quiet, peaceful, and uneventful. He saw few people except when they all went to church one Saturday and Sunday in each month. The church was three miles away and the road ran partly through their plantation. Their school house was near the church (Bethel).617
    Simeon J. Meadows served in Company F, 13th Georgia Battalion Cavalry, C.S.A. from 1862 to 1864. While S. J. Meadows was fighting in the Civil War in Winchester, Virginia, in the fall of 1864, he traded his horse to John Todd for his thirty–day leave and went home to Heard County, Georgia, as John Todd.618

    613 1827 census, Taliaferro Co., Ga., G.M.D. 607, males: 1 under 18; 1 18/45; females: 1 18/45; 4 slaves
    614 1850 U.S. Census, Heard Co., Ga., p. 149, #200. Edmund Daniel, age 49, farmer; July A. Daniel, age 41; William H. Daniel, age 24, school teacher; James Daniel, age 17, farmer; Mary A. Daniel, age 23; Eliza B. Daniel, age 21; Martha A. Daniel, age 16; Thomas J. Daniel, age 14; Cordeal N., female, age 10; Temperence P. Daniel, age 8; Edmund S. Daniel, age 7; Susan Daniel, age 3. (all b. Ga.)
    615 1860 U.S. Census, Heard Co., Ga., #127/116, Daniel, Edmund, age 59, male, farmer, b. Ga.; Julia A., age 51, female, b. S.C.; Cordy, age 21, male, b. Ga.; Temperence, age 17, female, b. Ga.; Edmund, age 16, male, b. Ga.; Susan, age 13, female, b. Ga.; Elizabeth, age 8, female, b. Ga.
    616 (1) William H. Daniel, b. ca. 1826, d. ca. 1864; (2) Mary A. Daniel, b. ca. 1827, m. Minor M. Stephens; (3) Elizabeth B. Daniel, b. ca. 1829, d. ca. 1890, Coweta Co., Ga., m. James Brown; (4) James Daniel, b. ca. 1833, m. Virginia Jennings, lived LaGrange, Ga.; (5) Martha Ann Daniel, b. ca. 1834, d. ca. 1912, Coweta Co., Ga., m. Rufus A. Reese; (6) Thomas J. Daniel, b. ca. 1836, d. 1863, Battle of Limestone Station, Tenn.; (7) Cordial N. Daniel, b. ca. 1840, d. ca. 1863; (8) Temperence Penina Daniel m. Simeon Joseph Meadows; (9) Edmund L. Daniel, b. ca. 1843, m. Eliza Ware, lived in Palmeto, Ga. in 1915; (10) Susan Daniel, b. ca. 1847, d. ca. 1879, Coweta Co., Ga.
    617 Family History written by Simeon Joseph Meadows in 1912.
    618 Family History written by Simeon Joseph Meadows in 1912.