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    John T. enlisted in the Confederate Army, 30 June 1861. He served as a sergeant in Capt. R. L. McWhorter’s Company C of 3rd Georgia Infantry of Volunteers. He was wounded four times, being shot three times, and a leg broken. He was at Malvern Hill, Virginia, 1 July 1862; Chancellorville, Virginia, 3 May 1863; Crater near Petersburg, 30 July 1864; Bellfield, Virginia, 9 December 1864. He was still listed as absent, wounded, on roll as of 28 February 1865. A. S. Morgan, commanding officer of Company C for the last eighteen months of the war, said that the company surrendered at Appomattox and that John Chapman was paroled and then discharged at Augusta, Georgia, while on wounded leave.647
    John T. Chapman lived in Taliaferro County, Georgia, in 1870648 and 1880.649 He served in the Georgia Legislature in 1877, and was principal of Crawfordville, Georgia, Academy.
    John T. Chapman witnessed the will of Alexander H. Stephens, 15 July 1881, in Taliaferro County. Stephens had been a U.S. Senator from Georgia, vice–president of the Confederacy, and governor of Georgia, when he died in 1883. Family tradition says that John T. Chapman and Alexander Stephens were good friends who had been known to play checkers long into the night in Crawfordville, Georgia.
    In 1882, the John T. Chapman family moved to what was then called Penryn, Orange County, Florida. In July 1882, John had a grove cultivated in Chapman’s Hammock, Orange County, between Lake Apopka and Holt’s Lake. John Chapman taught school in 1883 in Apopka while land was cleared in Plymouth and his grove set out. They then moved to Plymouth, Florida.

    647 Russ Henderson to the author, 1993
    648 1870 U.S. Census, Taliaferro Co., Ga., p. 156, Crawfordville. J. T. Chapman, age 31, white, male, farmer, $300, b. Ga.; Sarah [sic Susan] A. E. Chapman, age 28, white, female, KH, b. Ga.; Emma G. Chapman, age 1, white, female, b. Ga. A black female cook and a young black male were living with them.
    649 1880 U.S. Census, Taliaferro Co., Ga., 605 G.M.D., E.D. 111, Sheet 21: John Chapman, age 40, white, male, farmer, b. Ga.; Susan Chapman, wife, age 33, white, female, KH, b. Ga. Ga. Ga.; Eugenia Chapman, dau., age 11, white, female, at school, b. Ga.; Willie A. Chapman, son, age 9, white, male, b. Ga.; Mattie P. Chapman, dau., age 7, white, female, b. Ga.; Ratchel N. Chapman, dau., age 4, white, female, b. Ga.; John C. Chapman, son, age 2, white, male, b. Ga.