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    Thomas and Absalom Haynes worked for and lived with Samuel Meadows in 1870 in Coweta County.685 Samuel Meadows was Lucy’s uncle. Thomas J. and Lucy D. Haynes lived in Coweta County, in 1880, with her parents, John C. and Julia Meadows.686
    Lucy suffered a severe attack of influenza just before her last child was due. She was left so weakened that when labor began, she could not survive. The child also died.687
    Lucy Meadows Haynes was united with the Baptist Church in Grantville, August 1881, and lived an exemplary Christian life. She left a husband, six children, a mother, and six sisters when she died, 1 April 1896.688
    Children of James Thomas Haynes and Lucy D. Meadows: (all born in Coweta County)
438. i. Alney Thomas6Haynes, born 28 September 1876, died 13 January 1959, Troup County, Georgia, buried Hillview Cemetery, LaGrange, Troup County, married 26 December 1906, Minnie Lee Dixon.689

    685 1870 U.S. Census, Coweta Co., Ga., p. 363–364, #348/340, Dist. 806, P.O. Newnan. Samuel Meadows, age 54, b. Ga., $850/$600; Sarah A. Meadows, age 43, b. Ga.; Anna E. Meadows, age 23, b. Ga.; Martha Meadows, age 19, b. Ga.; Laura S., age 16, b. Ga.; Samantha, age 13, b. Ga.; Luona Meadows, age 11, b. Ga.; Mary K. Meadows, age 8, b. Ga.; Samuel Meadows, age 5; Sarah D. Meadows, age 3, b. Ga.; Thomas Haynes, age 16, b. Ga., farmer; Absalom Haynes, age 12, b. Ga.; Daniel Meadows, age 92, b. N.C.; Anna Meadows, age 89, b. N.C.
    686 1880 U.S. Census, Coweta Co., Ga., SD 4, ED 40, Sheet 60. John Meadows, age 69, b. Ga. NC Va.; Julia Meadows, age 59, wife, b. Ga. Ga. Ga.; Mary Meadows, age 36, dau., single; Josey Meadows, age 15, dau., single; Thomas J. Haines, age 25, son–in–law; Lucy D. Haines, age 23, dau.; Alna Haines, age 3, grandson; Josa A. Haines, age 10/12, granddau., b. July.
    687 Millie Webb Groover, granddaughter of Thomas J. Haynes and Lucy D. Meadows Haynes
    688 Lucy Dandridge Meadows Haynes (1857–1896) Tribute of Respect. Adopted 16 May 1896 by the Moreland Baptist Church. Committee: F. E. Hindsman & Hill Moore. Reverend S. B. Cousins. Moderator: R. L. Pitts. In loving memory of Sister Lucy D. Haynes, wife of Brother J. T. Haynes, born March the 10th 1857, died April the 1st , 1896, aged 39 years, 21 days. This tribute was copied by Mildred Webb Groover from the church records of Moreland Baptist Church which was originally Holly Springs Baptist Church of Grantville, Ga., at the home of the pastor, 17 April 1971.
    689 Grandson: D. Grant Haynes, Plainview, Texas, 1982.