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    There was a suit in Prince George County, Virginia, in 1739. Suit of William and Francis Poythress, executors of the estate of John Fitzgerrald, deceased vs. Daniel Meadows. The court found for the plaintiff.15
    Isham, son of Daniel and Jane Meadows, was born February 16th 1740/1, baptized January 3d 1741/2 in Bristol Parish, Virginia.16
    Daniel Meadows moved to Granville County, North Carolina, about 1752. He died in Granville County, 16 April 1755.17 On 4 June 1755, in Granville County, Isham Meadows, orphan of Daniel Meadows, aged 15 years on February 16, 1755, was bound to Colonel William Person to learn the cooper’s trade and to give him two years schooling.18
    Mary Meadows sued John Shearman for trespass in Granville County, North Carolina, 3 March 1756.19 Her identity is unknown.
    Original Granville County, North Carolina, was formed in 1746. In 1764, the eastern part of Granville County, became Bute County, North Carolina. In 1779, Bute County, was abolished and Bute County’s territory was divided between Warren and Franklin Counties, North Carolina.
    James Meadows of Granville County, North Carolina, son of Daniel Meadows, on 5 October 1768, sold to Joseph Read of Bute County, North Carolina, 350 acres on Camp Creek, part of a larger tract granted to Thomas Collins, Collins to Thomas Glass, Glass to Daniel Meadows. This deed was witnessed by H. Pendleton and Thomas Person. It was proved by Person, 24 March 1769.20

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