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page 282     21 Nov. 1817, Reuben Radford to George Norwood, both of Morgan Co., Ga., for $1500, in 5th Dist. in said co. on Jacks Creek, adj. land of Thetford, Hanson, Jarvis, Hester, & March[?] J. Allen, beg. on creek, S. 45 W. 42 ch. 75 links to Hanson’s cor., N. 45 W. 20 ch. to Jarvis’s cor., N. 45 E. 10 ch. to another of Jarvis’s cor., N. 45 W. 25 ch. 75 links to Hester’s cor., N. 45 E. 3 ch. 50 links to branch, with meanders of branch to mouth, N. 37 W. 8 ch. to N. side of Jacks Creek, N. 57 E. 13 ch. 75 links, N. 84 E. 4 ch. 10 links, with meanders of creek to beg., 224 acres, one acre including Elijah Radford’s Machine as he see cause to rent it so as not to injure the Mill privileges excepted unto George Norwood, in fee simple. /s/ Reuben (RR) Radford. Wit: William Radford, John H. Hanson, J.P. William Radford of Morgan Co. ack. all my right, title, claim, & interest from myself to the within land to Geo. Norwood for value recd., 3 Dec. 1817. /s/ Wm. Radford. Wit: John H. Hanson, J.P. Recorded 15 May 1822.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm