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pages 322-323     Power of Attorney: Oglethorpe Co., Ga.: On 26 Sept. 1814, James Northington of afsd. co. & Sally Houghton of Greene Co. entered into a Marriage Contract where it was agreed by Sally Houghton to give up to James Northington a negro boy named Washington & a negro girl named Mary, a feather bed, bedstead, & furniture, trunk, note against the admrs. of Charles B. Houghton, decd. for $106. It was further agreed by Sally Houghton that if any debts might be then standing previous to date of the Marriage Contract they should be paid out of the above property. It was agreed by James Northington that all property of which he was then possessed namely 30 negroes, land, stock, & household furniture should be considered as common stock with above property mutually held between James Northington & Sally Houghton. It was agreed by James Northington that if Sally Houghton should survive him that she should be entitled fully to a child’s part of all property above during her widowhood. The property above given by Sally Houghton, Washington & Mary, the note on the admrs. of Charles B. Houghton, &c, & increase thereof should be considered as a component part of the dower or part which she might be entitled to as above & should be fully at her disposal at death of James Northington. The balance that should compose her dower should at the expiration of her widowhood return to the children of James Northington. They agreed that if they should during their marriage have an heir that the instrument should be considered null & void as if it had never existed. It was agreed to appoint their friends Samuel S. Hunter & William Graves, Senr. as their only trustees to execute the contract. Samuel S. Hunter is now dead & part of the property in the contract has been already levied on to satisfy an execution against Robert & Samuel Pearman. It is probable the property already levied & other parts of the property in the Marriage Contract may be further involved in litigation. The contract may be defeated. William Graves, Senr. is now residing in Alabama & cannot attend to the trial or any suit touching the property. William Graves, Senr., surviving trustee, appoints Samuel Shields & Thadeus Beall, both of Morgan Co., or either of them, my true & lawful attorneys to be trustee to recover any property in the Marriage Contract, 8 Aug. 1822. /s/ Wm. Graves, trustee. Test: Elias Beall, Egbert B. Beall, Joseph M. Molly [Molloy]. Oglethorpe Co.: power of attorney proved by Joseph M. Molly before John Hardeman, J.I.C., 8 Aug. 1822. Recorded 5 Sept. 1822.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm