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pages 336-337     Ga.: 15 Dec. 1820, Nancy Dingler, wife of John Dingler, decd. of Morgan Co., William Dingler, John Dingler, Amos Coffman, Jeremiah Tucker, Henry Dingler, John Tucker, Reuben Edwards of Jasper Co., to Reuben Trannum of Morgan Co., for $600, tract in Morgan Co., is 1/3 of lot where John Dingler, decd. lived in his lifetime. The other 2/3 was bought by Reuben Tranum, adj. Kenon & Love, & is where Nancy Dingler now lives, 67 acres, in fee simple. /s/ William (x) Dingler, Amos (x) Cofman, Henry (x) Dingler, Nancy (x) Dingler, John (x) Dingler, Jeremiah Tucker, John (x) Tucker, Reuben Edwards. Wit: Lewis McKee, John Lumsen. Jasper Co., Ga.: proved by John (x) Lumsden, 16 Nov. 1820, Elijah Dodson, J.P. Recorded 7 Oct. 1822.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm