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pages 350-351     Ga.: 14 Aug. 1820, William S. Stokes to Charles C. Mills, both of Morgan Co., for $3530, all of his share, part, & interest as in a common or joint tenant in & to all the lots in afsd. co. & in the town of Madison, all the lots where the Madison Hotel stands, beg. at S.W. cor. opposite the store now occupied by Hitchson & Shaw, line with the square 130 feet to between the storehouse now occupied by William Barrow & the store occupied by W. D. W. Pearman, to direct line back to the alley dividing said lots from the lot on which the Public Stables are erected. The above boundaries & the whole of Lot 8 & a part of Lot 7 & the lot on which said stables now stand including the stables, back to T. McCarton’s fence & having the front of the stables, in fee simple his share. /s/ Wm. S. Stokes. Wit: Henry H. Cook, J. Watts, J. E. Watts. Morgan Co.: proved by Jacobus Watts, 6 Jan. 1823, N. Allen, J.I.C. Recorded 29 Nov. 1822.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm