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page 21     Apprenticeship: Morgan Co., Ga.: 31 Jan. 1823, James A. Campbell to James C. Cook & Henry H. Cook, merchants trading under firm of H. H. & J. C. Cook. H. H. & J. C. Cook will learn to the son of James A., Archibald M. Campbell, the art & mystery of merchandise in its various branches & take care of his morals, furnish him with genteel clothing & boarding all at the expense of the firm. James apprentices & binds to them Archibald M., the infant son of James A., now age 13 years, from today for five years & to end on 31 Jan. 1828. The firm to enable Archibald M. to discharge the duties as clerk to the firm & they will send him to school to learn surveying, geography, & English grammar. They will be kind & attentive to the improvement & welfare of his son. James A. will not interrupt them in their rightful authority & control of him. /s/ James A. Campbell, J. C. Cook, H. H. Cook. Wit: J. W. Campbell. Recorded 4 Feb. 1823.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm