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page 26     Mortgage: Moses Fuller of Morgan Co., Ga., for $247, to Gabriel Gunn of Newton Co., Ga., planter. Corn supposed to be 30 barrels, parcel of seed cotton supposed to be 7000 weight, a field of cotton unpicked supposed to be 14 acres, a negro woman named Nell about 65 years old, a bay mare, 3 beds & furniture, & household & kitchen furniture, in fee simple. If Moses Fuller pays Gabriel Gunn $247 before 1 May next with interest this bill of sale to be void, else to remain in full force, 6 Feb. 1823. /s/ Moses Fuller. Test: Ephraim West, William Fuller. Morgan Co.: mortgage proved by Ephraim West, 26 Feb. 1823, Joshua Eckles, J.P. Recorded 26 Feb. 1823.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm