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pages 198-199     Morgan Co., Ga.: 3 Jan. 1826, Willis J. Roan of Greene Co., Alabama, to Gray Mabry of Morgan Co., Ga., for $1200, in Morgan Co., originally Baldwin Co., 4th Dist., 152 1/2 acres, is part of Lot 189, in fee simple. /s/ Willis J. Roan. Test: Robert Penick, Edwin O Neal, Asa Peel. Morgan Co., Ga.: proved by Asa Peel, 27 Jan. 1827, Joshua Eckles, J.P. Greene Co., Ala.: Margaret Roan, wife of Willis J. Roan, relinquished dower rights, 10 June 1826. /s/ Margaret (x) Roan. Wit: James B. Scott, J.P., W. S. Chapman, J.P. Greene Co., Ala.: Edward Herndon, clerk of county court for said co., certify James B. Scott & William S. Chapman, Esqrs. are J.P.’s of said co., 9 Aug. 1826. Recorded 8 Feb. 1827.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm