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pages 199-200     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: 6 Oct. 1826, Bryant O Neal to Burnell Russell, both of afsd. co. Burnell Russell made a deed of conveyance in fee simple for a fraction & 1/2 lot in Morgan Co., but Baldwin when surveyed, in 5th Dist., Lot 61, 112 1/2 acres. Also, 100 1/4 acres is 1/2 of Lot 84, adj. fraction above, beg. at lower cor. of fraction, due N. to cor. originally between Culbertson & Petty near Culbertson’s Spring Branch, on line dividing Culbertson’s land from Lot 84 to line of fraction Lot 61 near old boundary line. Due on conveyanace. O Neal is to pay Russell $616 as follows: note 25 Dec. 1827 for $200 dated 6 Oct. 1826. Note for $216 due 25 Dec. 1828, dated 6 Oct. 1826. Note made by David B. Butler made payable to John Walker for $217 made payable 4 Aug. 1825. Bryant O Neal’s security is fraction Lot 61 & Lot 84. If paid this to be void, else to remain in full force. /s/ Bryan O Neal. Wit: William Shaw, Samuel C. Torbert, J.P. Recorded 8 Feb. 1827.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm