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pages 21-22     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: 5 Feb. 1825, Fortunatus S. Cook of afsd. co., to Robert S. Hardeway, James Drummond, & James S. Corry of said co. & Charles A. Redd of Greene Co. 2 Feb. 1825, Cook made a promissory note to Robert S. Hardeway due at the Branch of the State Bank of Georgia at Greensboro, Greene Co. for $578. Hardeway endorsed note to Drummond & Drummond to Orsamus Lanear & Laniar to James S. Corry who endorsed note to Charles A. Redd.
Redd, 4 Feb., gave the credit at the bank for 61 days for $578. Fortunatus S. Cook by credits given by Robert S. Hardeway, James Drummond, James S. Corry, & Charles A. Redd (Orsamus Lanear having removed to South Carolina) & having no visible estate in this state on promissory note. Security to Hardeway, Drummond, Corry, & Redd from loss I mortgage negroes: Lydda a woman about 40 years old, Jinny a woman about 20 years old, Tarpley a boy about 7 years old, & Madison about 5 years old. If note paid this to be void. /s/ F. S. Cook. Wit: Henry F. Young. Proved by Henry F. Young, 8 Feb. 1825, George Chatfield, J.P. Recorded 12 Feb. 1825.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm