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page 26     The State vs. Zachariah Butler: Fi. Fa. on Foreclosure of Mortgage. Received from Zachariah Butler by hands of Reueben Radford 3 receipts. One from the Executive Dept., one from Col. Bedney Franklin, one from Col. Seaborn Jones, & $250 in full of above execution obtained under foreclosure of mortgage given for fraction Lot 259 in 5th Dist. of originally Baldwin Co. in full of principal, interest, & cost, 22 Nov. 1817. /s/ Martin P. Sparks, D.S. From calculation made by Col. Bedney Franklin, 1 June 1816, & my own calculation, it appears Mr. Radford has overpaid for fraction $21.68 3/4. /s/ Martin P. Sparks. $21.68 3/4 today paid by Martin P. Sparks back to Mr. Reueben Radford, 2 June 1819. /s/ Elijah Radford. Recorded 1 March 1825.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm