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page 32     Deed of Gift: Catharine Owen of Morgan Co., Ga., for love, goodwill, & affection, to my beloved daughter Eliza Branham, wife of Wiley Branham, loan my daughter Eliza a negro girl named Lucinda & her increase, a feather bed, bedstead, & furniture, & trunk. Also, a lot in 9th Dist. of Appling Co., Lot 326. Loaned property to be used by her for her aid during her natural life & at her death to become property of her lawful heirs. If she should die without issue, to revert to & be equally divided among my heirs. On account of the property so loaned to Eliza & given to her heirs if any, she is to be considered bound from claiming any interest to my property at my death, 20 Sept. 1824. /s/ Catharine Owen. Test: Godfrey Hartesfield, James Elliott, Wm. Stocks, J.P. Recorded 18 March 1825.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm