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page 402     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: Benjamin S. Ogletree to William Heard, Thomas Watts, saddler, & Abraham Key, all of said co., 460 acres in afsd. co., Lot 204, 1/2 of Lot 205, & 157 acres adj. Lot 204 in 15th Dist. of old Baldwin where Benjamin now lives. Also, a negro woman Mimy 28 years old & her child Martha 1 year old, Harriet a woman 18 years old & her child Godfrey 6 months old, a man Peter 38 years old & his wife Mary 38 years old. Also, 2 mare mules, a sorrel & a bay, bay horse, 14 cows, 40 hogs, brown bay horse, sorrel mare, bay filly 3 years old, all household & kitchen furniture, 4 beds, bedsteads, & furniture, set of mahogany dining tables, 12 split bottom chairs, & other articles, road wagon & gear, all my farming tools, for $4000, 14 Feb. 1829. Condition: Watts, Key, & Heard endorsed a note for $1200 made by Ogletree due the Darien Bank at Milledgeville in about 80 days. Also, note for $486 made by Ogletree & Watts, Heard, & others were endorsees, due about 16th instant to the State Bank at Eatonton. Also, note due State Bank at Eatonton about 13 April next made by Ogletree & endorsed by Watts, Heard, & Key for $180. Also, note made by Ogletree for $220 due in about 86 days to State Bank in Milledgeville & Watts & others are endorsers. Also, note for $480.47 made by Ogletree, 21 May 1828, due State Bank in Milledgeville, 15 Nov. 1828, with Watts, Heard, & others as endorsers. Also note made by Ogletree with John Kinmon & William Heard securities for $400 due William Willaiams 25 Dec. 1828, dated 1 Jan. 1828 with interest. If Ogletree pays notes & makes Watts, Key, & Heard harmless then this to be void, else to remain in full force. /s/ Benj. S. Ogletree. Wit: Oliver P. Fears, Joshua Eckles, J.P. Recorded 20 Feb. 1829.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm