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page 420     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: Nathan Aldridge is indebted to William Hanson, exor. of the last will & testament of Samuel Hanson, decd. for $1500. Aldridge conveys to Hanson a lot in 20th Dist. of originally Baldwin now Morgan Co., Lot 76 on Indian Creek in payment of $1500. William, exor., is willing to receive the lot in payment of the debt due him as exor. provided the consent of the legatees to Samuel Hanson’s estate can be obtained to conveyance. We the legatees of the estate, consent William Hanson, exor., receive the lot from Nathan Aldridge in payment of debt liable to us only for the value of the land or what he may legally sell it for after conveyance from Nathan Aldridge to William, 6 Jan. 1829. /s/ Jno. W. Hanson, Richard W. Hanson, Wm. R. Williams, George W. Hanson, Samuel Hanson, Ninian Barrett, Anderson Ray. Wit: John Lawnies, James Bell, Jas. H. Campbell, Elizabeth (x) Hanson, Thos. Samford. I am responsible to William Hanson, exor., for faithful compliance of heirs of Thomas W. Hanson with above, 6 Jan. 1829. /s/ Nathan Aldredge. Proved by John Lawnius, 11 April 1829, Samuel C. Torbert, J.P. Proved by James H. Campbell, 16 April 1829, Samuel C. Torbert, J.P. Recorded 30 April 1829, Jno. W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm