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pages 53-54     Power of Attorney: Burke Co., North Carolina: William W. Erwin, Isaac T. Avery & Harriet his wife, James McDowell & Margaret his wife, Adolphus L. Erwin, William A. Erwin, Sidney S. Erwin, Mary E. Erwin, Catharine R. Erwin, Elam A. Erwin, William W. Erwin as natural guardian of his minor children Elizabeth S. Erwin, Edward Jones Erwin, Alexander Hambleton Erwin, Cecelia M. Erwin, & Delila H. Erwin of the afsd. co., appoint Leander A. Erwin of Clark Co., Ga., our true & lawful attorney in fact to attend to all matters in relation to & represent our interest in the estate of the late Marcus D. Erwin, decd., to sell & dispose of the interest which Marcus D. Erwin had in a house & lot in the village of Madison, Morgan Co., Ga. The house & lot were purchased by the late firm of Randolph & Erwin from J. W. Campbell. Campbell conveyed to Randolph & Erwin as tenants in common, 30 Aug. 1824. /s/ Isaac T. Avery, Harriet E. Avery, James McDowell, Margaret McDowell, W. A. Erwin, M. E. Erwin, A. L. Erwin, Catharine Erwin, W. H. Erwin, Elizabeth S. Erwin, Edward Jones Erwin, Cecelia M. Erwin, Alexander H. Erwin, Delia H. Erwin, W. W. Erwin, guardian, S. S. Erwin, E. A. Erwin.
Wit: Wm. McEntire, J.P., J. W. Marron, Arthur E. Patton. Burke Co., North Carolina: all parties ack. the power of atty., 30 Aug. 1824, Wm. McEntire, J.P. Burke Co., North Carolina: James Erwin, clerk of the County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of afsd. co., certifies William McEntire, Esqr. is J.P. of said co., 30 Aug. 1824. J. H. Strietter, judge, chairman of the County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for said co., certify James Erwin is clerk of the court, 30 Aug. 1824. Recorded 6 May 1825.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm