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pages 101-102     Bond Security: Morgan Co., Ga.: 2 Aug.1830, Thomas M. Likens to John Harris, both of afsd. co. Likens made bond for $5000 to the Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary Purposes for said co. for faithful performance of the administration of the estate of Leavin Irving, decd. John Harris became security for bond. Security: 9 negroes, Adam a man about 80 years old, Littleton about 50, Hetty about 50, Nancy about 22, Dennis about 20, George about 9, Littleton about 7, Mary about 5, & Jim about 2 years old. If Likens truly administers estate & keeps Harris from liability, this to be void. /s/ T. M. Likens. Wit: A. K. Leonard, Joseph Morrow, J.P. Recorded 10 Aug. 1830, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm