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page 133     31 Dec. 1825, Charles Lively & Polly, his wife, of DeKalb Co., Ga., to Charles Walker of Morgan Co., Ga., for $600, in Morgan Co., 100 acres, part of Lot 206, 20th Dist., beg. cor. on Lot 205, W. on line to cor., N. to Hard Labour Creek, down creek to cor. hornbeam standing first above old on creek, N. to cor., down near creek to cor. at Franklin’s fence, line marked out by Sparks & Harris, straight line to beg. Reserved one rod square around the grave of Reuben Lively is not sold with the rest, in fee simple. /s/ Charles Lively, Polly (x) Lively. Wit: Benjamin Johnson, Wiley Jones, Micajah Harris, J.P. Recorded 6 Jan. 1831.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm