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pages 138-139     Marriage Contract: Ga.: 20 July 1830, Merritt W. Warren, first part, Olivia T. Tarver, second part, & Sterling Finnie & Benjamin H. Warren, trustees of third part. Olivia T. is possessed & entitled to property both real & personal: 759 acres on big Sugar Creek, adj. Brown, Harris, & others, & negro slaves: Rodrick, George, Dennis, Harry, Henry, Edmond, Have, Billy, Ben, Lewis, Ches, Charles, Edmond, little Peter, William, Granderson (men & boys), Anacha, Nancy, Ginny, little Ginny, Kizza, Betsey, Marry, Heanniah, Ciller, Emily, Minerva, Martha, Margaret, Araininty, Ginny infant, Pacience, & Harriet. And, all stock of horses, mules, cows, & calves, & household & kitchen furniture. A marriage is intended shortly between Merritt W. Warren & Olivia T. Tarver. Merritt W. Warren agrees that the property of Olivia T. Tarver will remain separate for her use & held by the trustees during their marriage. If Olivia survives Merritt, then in trust to convey to her & her heirs in fee simple. If Olivia dies during the lifetime of Merritt & bears lawful issue of the marriage, then to the use of Sterling Finnie & Benjamin H. Warren, trustees, for the children of Olivia. If Olivia dies leaving no children of the marriage & during Merritt’s lifetime, then in trust & all increase to Merritt. Merritt can manage the property during their marriage. /s/ M. W. Warren, Olivia T. Tarver, Sterling Finnie, B. H. Warren. Wit: Henry Brown, B. Jourdan. Morgan Co.: proved by Henry Brown & Burwell Jordan, 16 Jan. 1831, F. W. Arnold, J.P. Recorded 18 Jan. 1831, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm