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pages 149-150     Morgan Co., Ga.: 24 Jan. 1831, Reuben Jackson of Henry Co., Ga., to William Broughton of Morgan Co., for $2000, 310 acres, 15th Dist., Morgan Co., part of Lots 214, 207, & 208, beg. cor. on W. side of Little River on line between Lots 207 & 208, up river to just above the old ford, to lower cor. of Mill dam, along lower side of butment to cor. at end of butment, to small branch just above Mill dam, up edge of Mill pond to line of Lot 209, crossing river to cor., line between Lots 213 & 208 to cor., on line of Lots 213 & 214 to cor., on line of Lots 214 & 237 to cor. in branch, down branch to cor., new line to line of Lots 214 & 207, new line crossing river to line of Lot 184, to small branch is Mr. Ward’s opening branch, down same to river, up river to just below road & ford, to near Bailey’s fence, to old path, along path up river to beg., in fee simple. /s/ Reuben Jackson. Wit: Edmund Walker, Peter W. Lesley, Uriah Alexander. Morgan Co.: proved by Peter W. Lesley, 1 Feb. 1831, F. W. Arnold, J.P. Recorded 4 Feb. 1831, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm