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pages 161-162     Mortgage: Greene Co., Ga.: Seaborn J. Saffold of Morgan Co., to F. C. Heard of the city of Augusta & Thomas Stocks of Greene Co., for $4669.50, Lots 67 & 77 in the town of Madison, Morgan Co., 3 1/2 acres & 3/10 of an acre, adj. the graveyard & lands of Dr. Wm. Johnston. Also, lot in Madison on Washington St., 30 feet in front & 100 feet back, is part of Lot 62 the part broadside of a 10 foot alley running from main street to the Spring lots. Alley is next to the lot formerly owned by William Beall & now owned by Adam G. Saffold. Also, in Madison, Lot 63 & 1/2 of Lot 62 on W. side of main street leading from town to Hard Labor Creek, adj. Spring lots, Academy lots, graveyard lots, & others on W. & S. sides, in fee simple. Also, negroes: Jacob a man 60 years old, Mack 30, Jacob 28, Frank 24, & Daniel 20 years old, Mahala a woman 18 years old, Artemesha 16, Pugg 12, Hampton a boy 8 years old, Joe 6 years old, Matilda a girl 4 years old, & Lucy a woman 35 years old. Also, my household & kitchen furniture, 12 Aug. 1830. Condition: F. C. Heard, 8 July 1830, endorsed a note made by S. J. Saffold to the branch bank of Georgia in Greensborough for $2500 due in 61 days. If Saffold pays the bank & keeps Heard free from liability & pays note due in 61 days from 20 Aug. for $300 & one due in 4 months for $400 & $500 due in 5 months & note for $240 to Heard, this to be void. Saffold, 31 Oct. 1827, executed to Thomas Stocks, guardian of Eliza W. Daniel, note for $603.40 due 25 Dec. next. If Saffold pays note with interest, this to be void. /s/ S. J. Saffold. Wit: John P. Germany, Wm. B. Curtis. Greene Co.: mortgage proved by Wm. B. Curtus, 17 Feb. 1831, John Chew, J.P. Recorded 18 Feb. 1831, John W. Porter, clerk. This mortgage deed settled in full 9 Feb. 1839, Jno. C. Rees, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm