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page 170     Deed of Gift: Morgan Co., Ga.: John McMurry of Morgan Co., for divers good causes, give to Franklin Augustus McMurry, John McDonald McMurry, Augusta Ann McMurry, Mary Bacon McMurry, & Eliza Jane McMurry, the children of William McMurry, negroes: Susan a woman, Aaron a boy, Henry a boy, Annett a girl, Melissa a girl, & Abbey a child. Negroes were purchased by me at sheriff’s sale for $55.06 1/4 under execution against William McMurry. I was at the time the constituted trustee of the negroes for benefit of the children of William. Negroes are to remain in my possession & in trust for the children until they become of age or marry. The object of this deed of gift is to place the property as if it had not been sold at sheriff’s sale, negroes & increase with profits of their hire to the children of William McMurry from this time forward, 5 March 1831. /s/ John McMurry. Wit: Simon Holt, John C. Rees, J.P. Recorded 15 March 1831.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm