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pages 172-174     Morgan Co., Ga., Superior Court, Sept. Term 1830: Adam G. Saffold, judge. Morgan W. McAfee petitioned court for Writ of Partition & division to assign him his part of the real estate of Abraham McAfee, decd. which he died seized of which is 127 acres, part of Lot 34, 5th Dist., Morgan Co., adj. lands of John Robson on other part of lot. Land is held in joint tenancy with Abraham J. McAfee, one of the orphans of Abraham McAfee, decd. No provision was made by will for division. 12 months from date of Letters of Admr. & 20 days notice has been given & no objections filed. William Porter, John Robson, Charter Campbell, William C. Buffington, & Fielding W. Arnold to make equal division of land between Morgan W. McAfee & Abraham J. McAfee, orphans of Abraham McAfee, decd. giving 8 days notice & make return within 3 months. Wit: Adam G. Saffold, judge of court, 22 Sept. 1830. John W. Porter, clerk. Lot 34 by surveyor contains 210 acres & quality near equal. We assign Morgan W. McAfee 67 1/2 acres, beg. on S. cor. with John Robson, on line of Lot 34 & Reuben Mann 14 ch. 50 links, with L. Johnston & John Robson. And, 67 1/2 acres to Abraham J. McAfee, 23 Sept. 1830. /s/ William Porter, W. C. Buffington, John Robson, C. Campbell, partitioners. Wit: F. W. Arnold, J.P. Plat: 67 1/2 & 67 1/2 acres, S. 45 W. 46.55, 14 ch. 50 links each, adj. Dr. Walker, R. Mann. B. Woolbright, surveyor. Superior Court, March Term 1831: Judge Lamar. Partition made judgment of court. Recorded 15 March 1831.

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