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page 25     Trust Instrument: Morgan Co., Ga.: 3 Dec. 1829, James C. Cook of afsd. co., to Joel Early of Greene Co., Ga., for $1200, in trust, tract in Morgan Co., Apalachee River, adj. lands of McAlpin, Hester, & others, is square lot & a large fraction, Lots 211 & 220, 5th Dist., 388 acres. In trust to uses contained in 7th Section of the last will & testament of Joel Early, late of Greene Co., decd. as relates to management of interests of the issue of Polly Watkins, daughter of decd. in claims against the state of Georgia. The purchase money of tract is in part the proceeds of claim of which will & testament Joel (party of this deed) is surviving exor. in trust for issue of Polly Watkins (according to will) tract is sold. /s/ James C. Cook. Wit: John W. Porter, A. K. Leonard, William Porter, J.I.C. Recorded 4 Dec. 1829, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm