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page 269     Morgan Co., Ga.: 7 Feb. 1832, Rodrick Leonard to Adam G. Saffold, both of afsd. co., for $464, the undivided 1/2 of lot in said co., Sandy Creek waters, 20th Dist., Lot 296, 202 1/2 acres, adj. lands of said Saffold, Joseph Thompson, & Matthew Mayne, is land sold by the sheriff of said co., 1 Feb. 1831, as property of Burwell Richards as his entire interest in said land & purchased by Rodrick Leonard at the sale, in fee simple. /s/ Rodrick Leonard. Test: A. K. Leonard, Geo. W. Wall, J.P. Recorded 20 March 1832.
pag 270     Morgan Co., Ga.: To John Walker, Senior, John B. Walker, Young Stokes, Francis Kirby, & Isaac R. Walton, Esqrs. Susan Randle, widow & relict of William Randle, late of Morgan Co., decd., Sept. Term 1831, Superior Court of said co., made application for Writ of Dower to be assigned to her 1/3 of real estate decd. died seized of in said co. Three months has elapsed since the death of William Randle. Notice has been given & no objections have been filed. Above parties are to divide Lot 15, 20th Dist. & part of Lots 1 & 2, 20th Dist., total 300 acres. Also, Lot 16 & part of Lot 17, 20th Dist. Also, 101 1/4 acres, part of Lot 14. Also, 1/2 of Lot 17, 19th Dist., is place where decd. lived at the time of his death. Parties are to make return on 1st Monday in March 1832, 15 Sept. 1831. /s/ John W. Porter, clerk. To Susan Randle, all of Lot 15, 19th Dist., Morgan Co., 202 1/2 acres, with the Mansion house & other bldgs. on it, where William Randle departed his life. Also, part of Lot 2, 20th Dist., Morgan Co., beg. cor. between Lot 15 in 19th Dist. & land of John Thomas, decd., & Daniel T. Coleman, on orig. line between said Coleman & William Randle, decd. occasionally crossing line until line is crossed by road from Durden’s Bridge to Madison, up road W. 8 ch. to orig. line of Lot 15, 19th Dist. All land is 220 acres, 22 Sept. 1831. /s/ Young Stokes, John Walker, Senr., I. R. Walton, John B. Walker, F. Kirby, commissioners. Wit: Robert Crawley, J.P. This writ made judgment of court. See Superior Court minutes, March Term 1832. Recorded 20 March 1832, John W. Porter, clerk.

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