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page 271     Morgan Co., Ga.: To Isaac R. Walton, Francis Kirby, Augustus H. Stokes, John B. Walker, & Stephen Durden, Esqrs. Daniel T. Coleman, one of the legatees of the estate of William Randle, decd. He is tenant in common with other heirs of decd. in Lot 15, 19th Dist., parts of Lots 1 & 2, 20th Dist., total 300 acres. Also, 140 acres, part of Lots 1 & 2, 20th Dist. Also, 300 acres, Lot 16 & part of Lot 17, 20th Dist. Also, 101 1/4 acres, part of Lot 14. Also, 1/2 of Lot 17, 19th Dist. He prays for Writ of Partition to lay off to him his part of land. Legal notice has been given & no objections filed. Commissioners after 8 days notice are to divide land William Randle died seized of & lay off & assign to each distributee his share & make return 1st Monday in March 1832, 15 Sept. 1831. /s/ John W. Porter, clerk. Superior Court, Morgan Co.: (1) To Daniel T. Coleman, one of the legatees of William Randle’s estate, 45 acres, part of Lots 1 & 2, 20th Dist., Morgan Co., beg. cor. on Lot 2 on 1st branch between Wm. Randle’s mansion house & Madison, N. 66 E. 24 ch. 24 links to cor. on large branch, down branch 20 ch., across field S. 45 W. 20 ch. to branch, up branch to beg.; (2) Assign to Samuel Greenwood, Asbury Daniel, & James Randle who have been represented to us by Daniel T. Coleman, admr. of estate of Wm. Randle, decd. as legatees of estate, 160 acres, part of Lot 17, 19th Dist., beg. S.W. cor. of lot, N. 45 E. 35 ch. 50 links, N. 45 W. 45 ch., S. 45 W. 35 ch. 50 links to N.W. cor. of Lot 17, 23 Sept. 1831. /s/ John B. Walker, I. R. Walton, Stephen Durden, F. Kirby. Writ judgment of court. See Superior Court minutes March Term 1832. Recorded 20 March 1832, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm