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page 308     Trust Instrument & Deed of Gift: Walton Co., Ga.: Thaddeus Beall of afsd. co., for natural love & affection, to my daughter Mary Ann Garrett, wife of John H. Garrett, give to Augustus R. Beall & Francis Beall in trust for my daughter Mary Ann Garrett during her life & at her decease for the heirs of her body, 4 negroes, Sue a woman about 20 years old, Fanny a girl about 6 years old, Simon a boy about 2 years old, & Cherry a girl about 7 years old, & their increase, in fee simple, 20 Aug. 1832. /s/ Thaddeus Beall. Wit: Benjamin Hammock, J. M. [I. M.?] Beall, Egbert B. Beall, J.I.C. Recorded 12 Sept. 1832.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm